Several kinds of riding of spinning

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1, free riding

The so-called free ride method, it is no time, no cycling intensity a way of riding.Its main purpose is to relax our nerves, muscles, and breathing, so as to alleviate caused by living and working pressure of the role of physical and mental fatigue.

2, intense exercise method
There are two main types of concrete practice, it is the rules every time good riding speed (how many km/h), such as, about 20 km per hour speed for 30 minutes.2 it is to rule his own strength of the pulse to control the speed, such as with the pulse of the 120 beats per minute for 30 minutes, this method of riding a big stimulus for heart and lung, which can effectively exercise the body's cardiovascular system.
3, intermittent cycling method
Particular way is fast and slow alternate cycling, such as slow ride first 5 minutes, and then ride 5 minutes fast, slow ride again for 5 minutes, and then ride 5 minutes fast, this cycle several times (this method can effectively exercise cardiopulmonary function of the body).
4, power cycling
Spinning with functions of simulation exercise different terrain conditions, as above, downhill, etc, according to the different modes to ride hard, can effectively improve the quality of the power of your legs or body endurance.This method not only can improve the sport ability of women's legs, also can effectively prevent the thigh bone diseases, and the leg is quite effective.
5, aerobic cycling method
Mainly medium speed cycling, typically for 30 minutes or so, with this method also should pay attention to strengthening deep breathing exercise, this method has special effects to lose weight, at the same time to improve the cardiopulmonary function also had a very good role.
Sweet little reminder:
You can choose according to personal physical condition, suits own a kind of method, or a variety of methods of them.Slowly up the ante, step by step, as long as good to insist, then it will eventually get what you want, or fitness or weight loss or body shape!Spinning drivers, victory is not far away in front of, everybody www.j32a.cne on!!
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